Image Processing using Julia on the web

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a website that takes in an image from the user using a HTML form, processes it using Julia (I am binarizing the image, although that is not relevant) and then display the processed image to the user. However, I am having trouble finding the right package that I can use to achieve this.

I was playing around with Genie.jl for a while, but was having trouble sending the image uploaded by the user in the form to the Julia function that was supposed to process the image.

I have also looked at Blink.jl,however have not spent much time with it., as I would prefer to have a website rather than a desktop application. I am also in the process of checking out WebIO, NodeJS.jl and Mux.jl

I would like some suggestions from the community as to what packages I could possibly use to create my website. I should also mention that I have almost no web experience, so I would prefer something that is not too hard to pick up.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I do not know (yet) about web in Julia, but for visualizing images, a good option could be Vegalite, because although it is not very clear in documentation, it came from a JSON format that usually can integrate easily in Html. The JSON required for Vega can be obtained by:
where v is a VegaLite plot: (v = @vlplot(…) ).

thank you! I will take a look :slight_smile:

Hello Akane,

Can take a look at

That said best would be API endpoint, receiving image in Base64 format