Strange output using SymPy

Declaration: Not sure if this the right topic

I am experiencing the following bug (MWE):

using SymPy

@vars a


It prints a “strange” box between “2” and “x”

I am using Julia 1.0.1 on windows 10 64bit

There is supposed to be a small dot indicating multiplication, but likely it isn’t rendering properly. Do other unicode fonts work for you?

The problem persists if I include multiplication mark, " * ". I didn’t try other character…

By default, show will call sympy["pretty"](a*x) Can you see if you have better output with sympy["pretty"](a*x, use_unicode=false)? I’m still guessing the unicode display is the issue.

Yes you are right!

If I set use_unicode=false, then I get a*x and the “strange” box disappears


actually this can even happen with “normal” julia output. Some time ago I had a problem with the output of btime which was off. It turned out that the terminal font (on linux) I used for the REPL did not contain a glyph for the \mu greek letter that the REPL was trying to display. Instead I got a blank output character displayed. So, watch out for your fonts !

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