SymPy/LaTeXStrings/IJulia: Display of Syms in LaTeX expression in Jupyter


Not sure where to post this problem. I encountered strange behaviour. Importing a third package can lead to the “loss” of LaTeX print of the SymPy.Sym in Jupyter. Example:

using SymPy
@syms x y

nicely prints xy in LaTeX. Then, e.g.

import Combinatorics.levicivita

doesn’t print it in LaTeX anymore. However, arrays of Sym are still printed in LaTeX.



(Julia 0.7.0, Anaconda Jupyter, Unix)

I don’t really get why and where to start to tackle this problem.


This is due to type piracy by Polynomials.jl:


Wow, this took 12h to be fixed and released. I’m very impressed.


That’s how we roll.