Strange glitch in ImageView hoverinfo

After creating a 500x500 pixel image and displaying it:

using ImageView
imshow(rand(500, 500))

I found out that the hoverinfo is wrong by ~50 pixels regardless of the size of the displayed image (the cursor was at the bottom-right corner of the image before this screenshot):

Is anyone else getting the same results?

Here’s for a 100x100 image (cursor was at bottom-right corner):
Interestingly, for a 50x50 image it gets it right (couldn’t get the cursor exactly on the edge):

What is going on…?

Works for me. Maybe report as a bug to ImageView and give full platform details & version info of packages (at least Gtk, Cairo, Reactive, GtkReactive, and ImageView).

Thank you Tim! Issued. Let me know if anything is missing etc.

Did I want to pin GtkReactive? I guess I did at some point. Anyways, I freed it and now all is well in the world. Thanks goes to his holiness @tim.holy

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