Problem displaying images with ImageView and Gtk/GtkReactive

I have a problem using GtkReactive and Gtk.

> using Images, ImageView
> imshow([1 1 ; 1 1])

gives a small black square. If now I load GtkReactive and Gtk,

> using  GtkReactive, Gtk
> imshow([1 1 ; 1 1])

I get a blank window and the following error.

┌ Warning: Error in @guarded callback
│   exception =
│    MethodError: copy!(::GtkCanvas, ::MappedArrays.ReadonlyMappedArray{Gray{N0f8}, 2, SubArray{Int64, 2, MappedArrays.ReadonlyMappedArray{Int64, 2, Matrix{Int64}, typeof(identity)}, Tuple{UnitRange{Int64}, UnitRange{Int64}}, false}, ImageCore.var"#25#26"{Gray{N0f8}, ImageCore.var"#23#24"{N0f8, RoundingIntegers.RInt64, RoundingIntegers.RInt64}}}) is ambiguous. Candidates:
│      copy!(c::Union{GtkCanvas, GtkObservables.Canvas}, img) in GtkObservables at /home/yves/.julia/packages/GtkObservables/u6z6P/src/graphics_interaction.jl:323
│      copy!(c::Union{GtkCanvas, GtkReactive.Canvas}, img) in GtkReactive at /home/yves/.julia/packages/GtkReactive/xG9GL/src/graphics_interaction.jl:308
│    Possible fix, define
│      copy!(::GtkCanvas, ::Any)

The previous code used to work some times ago.
Where does the error come from and is there a workaround?

I am using julia 1.8.4 and the latest version of the following packages:
ImageView v0.11.2, Images v0.25.2, Gtk v1.3.0, GtkReactive v1.0.6.

Don’t load GtkReactive, just use GtkObservables. ImageView got rewritten to use GtkObservables instead of GtkReactive.