ImageView recent changes

I am pretty sure that the following was working not so long ago with ImageView.

 ImageView.imshow(RGB[RGB(0.98,0.98,0.98) RGB(0.98,0.98,0.98); RGB(0.98,0.98,0.98) RGB(0.98,0.98,0.98)])

Now with julia 1.6.2 and ImageView 0.15.10, this gives an error.
I can fix it by replacing RGB[... with RGB{N0f8}[... but I am wondering if this is a bug or a recent change I have missed.

Can you show the error message you received? Your code works for me with the specified versions (although RGB is not defined by ImageView and needs to be loaded from ColorTypes.jl or Images.jl, which re-exports definitions from ColorTypes).

Indeed, the error is gone after reloading everything. Sorry for the noise.