Stipple: Reactive data dashboards with Julia [WIP]

Fantastic! :heart_eyes:


Hi, @essenciary, great work! I’m curious, in older posts you say you were investigating predix-ui (WebComponents based). What was the rationale for using Vue/Quasar instead?


Looks like a very promising alternative to the RStudio Shiny application. Thanks for all of the hard work to put this together!

I’ve successfully tested the “Hello” example as well as the two Stipple examples provided within a LAN that connects via a local IP address. The “Hello” example also works when accessed from a public IP address. HOWEVER, the two Stipple examples do not properly render the plots when accessed from a public IP address. To clarify: the main page is loaded, controls can be accessed and modified, but the plots do not render. I’ve tried it on two different public IP servers—same thing.



Hi everybody! I’m bringing some very cool Stipple updates! We have assembled a small team to build a greater, better and more powerful Stipple :star_struck: We’re working on a pretty crazy feature set including the reactive Julia library/API, a visual UI builder (the drag-and-drop kind), code editing and notebook (Pluto) integrations, and one click publishing/deployment on the web (starting with free hosting and with straightforward options for scaling up).

We’ll soon be opening for beta access and we’ll be progressively inviting users to the platform. If you want to try out the new features, please check the website and sign up for the beta! :tada:


You beat me to it! :smiley:

I think this is a great idea and if I could clone myself, I would have tried to do this ages ago. It’s great to see this coming alive. Best of luck! :rocket::muscle:

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PS: It looks like the “Sign up for Beta” button isn’t working.


There is a problem with jquery and “sign up for beta” button. I think replace “” for “” maybe solve the problem.

Thanks @anon67531922 and @phelipe ! Looks like the jQuery CDN might’ve been down. All seems to be working atm.

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We’re still looking for a founder with business background in the team :wink:


Looks awesome Essenciary! I’ll probably try the Beta out at some point. This is a long sought after toolset for the Julia ecosystem.

Could Stipple also run locally, IE for desktop apps? I’d be very interested in deploying to simple local dockers that kick up pretty UI’s to do useful stuff.

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Yes, it will definitely run locally, the core package is already open sourced at (although more work is needed re documentation). Also on the roadmap (though further away) would be native UI building via some form of Vue native (eg,, NativeScript etc)


What is your take on svelte?

@essenciary, would you have a layman’s example of how Stipple can run locally? Thank you.

I love it! However, it uses compilation which would’ve complicated matters in terms of dev environment and Julia integration.

Try some of these GitHub - GenieFramework/StippleDemos: Demo apps for Stipple (the German Credits one is broken atm, but the others shold be fine).


@essenciary, gave it a try and tried the “IrisClustering.jl” demo, using Julia 1.6.0 on Win 10, and within the comfort of VS Code.

Stumbled first on an error message:

Web Server running at 
Genie.AppServer.ServersCollection(Task (runnable) @0x0000000019fd4330WARNING: both Stipple and DataFrames export "select"; uses of it in module Main must be qualified

Which was fixed by writing:

Then ran the demo again and suddenly the beautiful web GUI showed up:

[PS: edited question here below]

Not clear how one can exit the interaction of the Julia program with the web GUI and continue with the program execution?
Would it make sense to add a button menu to the GUI for allowing “exiting” ?

Thank you.

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Assuming you started this per the README, in the REPL, you can just continue working in the REPL - the web GUI (web server) is run async. As you work, you can reload the web GUI and see the changes. You can stop the server back at the REPL using down().

Exit button in the GUI - wouldn’t that allow any random user to kill the web app for everybody?

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@essenciary, it worked perfectly from the Julia REPL and it looks great, thank you. No need for an exit button.
If using VS Code terminal, the plots are not showing up now. Will try again when will have more time.

Would this type of web GUI be appropriate for the following sort of application:

  • A Julia program with a while loop and terminal menus and which keeps running until an “Exit program” option is selected. Then from this program, at different points the web GUI could be called to display plots and chose parameters for subsequent computations.

  • Btw, is anyone aware of examples of such Julia programs that are run using (terminal) menus? I had something working like this in Scilab very conveniently, but not sure if this makes sense in Julia

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Genie and Stipple have come a long way since we started this thread. Here’s a cool project that we’ve built, as an example of what can currently be done with the packages.

Github repo:



Quick update, we’ve recently released the documentation for Stipple. We hope it’ll help you build data apps and reactive dashboards quickly and efficiently, with low-code Julia.

Docs: Documentation - Genie Framework

We’ll keep improving our documentation in the coming weeks - ping me if you’d like to contribute and help us make it better! :blush: