Online Meetup - Reactive Dashboards with Stipple.jl

Hi all, I am writing you as the organizer of the Julia User Group Munich

there is going to an online meetup on 03.05. Monday 18:30 CEST showing you how to build interactive dashboards and other data visualization applications with Stipple.jl.

The creator and maintainer @essenciary is going to showcase it, together with the second main contributor @hhaensel. An awesome opportunity to ask your questions!

The meetup is organized via, please sign up here if you want to join: Share&Code: Reactive Dashboards with Stipple.jl | Meetup

Looking forward to see you there!

The Julia User Group Munich currently has two regular meetups.

  • "fall-in-love-with-julia", every second month: A jupyter+binder format giving basic hands-on introductions to the julia world for everyone new to Julia or new to the respective topic.
  • "share & code", every other month: An open-end session where we start with talk by someone and then have time to code and help each other coding.

This session is part of “share & code” format, so feel invited to stay a bit longer and e.g. try out building your own Dashboard app.


Detailed agenda is out:

• 18:30-19:15: Helmut Hänsel (main contributor of Stipple.jl): The Reactive API of Stipple

• 19:15-20:15: Adrian Salceanu (creator of Stipple.jl): Stipple Extensions - StippleUI, StipplePlotly and Demos

see you on Monday!

Today is the meetup - see you all today 18:30 CEST online Share&Code: Reactive Dashboards with Stipple.jl | Meetup for some dashboarding

Meeting is online. Join us at Launch Meeting - Zoom

Will this be recorded? I’d like to see it, but unfortunately won’t be able to join live.

yes we’ve recorded the session. The plan is to upload everything to youtube. We will link it here as soon as it is online


Genie.jl and Stipple.jl videos are finally uploaded to youtube.

Genie: Web apps with Genie.jl | Adrian Salceanu | Julia User Group Munich - Share&Code - YouTube
Stipple: Stipple.jl | Adrian Salceanu & Helmut Haensel | Julia User Group Munich - Share&Code - YouTube