Shiny-like interactive plots

I would like to put together an interactive exploration for moments of an economic model.

The basic idea is that the user tweaks 4-10 parameters via sliders, and then a bunch of plots are generated accordingly. Good, clean fun.

I am aware of

but the question is which one is easiest to get started with for the purpose above. I don’t need any other advanced feature at the moment.

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There is also

I think a major factor of deciding on a package is how the final application is distributed to the user.
If the users already have Julia installed, I’d probably go with Pluto.jl and PlutoUI.jl.

If users would have to install Julia first I’d instead opt for a web based application. I’ve had good experience with Dash.jl, but there is almost no default styling so you would have to write at least some css. I have no experience with Stipple, so I don’t know how it compares.


Certainly, sorry that I forgot to mention that.

It can be assumed that the user has a working 1.8 Julia installation and can clone and instantiate a project.

In that case you probably can’t go wrong with a Pluto notebook. The UI bindings are super easy to work with and you can use your favourite plotting library.


The GenieFramework VSCode extension offers a no-code GUI for building dashboards. I haven’t tried it, but it looks great!

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