Stipple: Reactive data dashboards with Julia [WIP]

@essenciary, gave it a try and tried the “IrisClustering.jl” demo, using Julia 1.6.0 on Win 10, and within the comfort of VS Code.

Stumbled first on an error message:

Web Server running at 
Genie.AppServer.ServersCollection(Task (runnable) @0x0000000019fd4330WARNING: both Stipple and DataFrames export "select"; uses of it in module Main must be qualified

Which was fixed by writing:

Then ran the demo again and suddenly the beautiful web GUI showed up:

[PS: edited question here below]

Not clear how one can exit the interaction of the Julia program with the web GUI and continue with the program execution?
Would it make sense to add a button menu to the GUI for allowing “exiting” ?

Thank you.

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Assuming you started this per the README, in the REPL, you can just continue working in the REPL - the web GUI (web server) is run async. As you work, you can reload the web GUI and see the changes. You can stop the server back at the REPL using down().

Exit button in the GUI - wouldn’t that allow any random user to kill the web app for everybody?

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@essenciary, it worked perfectly from the Julia REPL and it looks great, thank you. No need for an exit button.
If using VS Code terminal, the plots are not showing up now. Will try again when will have more time.

Would this type of web GUI be appropriate for the following sort of application:

  • A Julia program with a while loop and terminal menus and which keeps running until an “Exit program” option is selected. Then from this program, at different points the web GUI could be called to display plots and chose parameters for subsequent computations.

  • Btw, is anyone aware of examples of such Julia programs that are run using (terminal) menus? I had something working like this in Scilab very conveniently, but not sure if this makes sense in Julia

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Genie and Stipple have come a long way since we started this thread. Here’s a cool project that we’ve built, as an example of what can currently be done with the packages.

Github repo:



Quick update, we’ve recently released the documentation for Stipple. We hope it’ll help you build data apps and reactive dashboards quickly and efficiently, with low-code Julia.

Docs: Documentation - Genie Framework

We’ll keep improving our documentation in the coming weeks - ping me if you’d like to contribute and help us make it better! :blush:


Hi @everyone! I’m very excited to share a preview of Genie Builder, the no-code data app builder for Genie Framework and Stipple. We’ll release the free beta in a few days.


You can sign up here to join the beta in order to provide feedback and be notified about new releases here: Form


Very impressive. I don’t have much time now, but I’m very anxious to learn this.

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I was playing a bit with Genie and Stipple lately, just to get familiar with it. I am really impressed by the quality of the project, @essenciary

Very excited to take a loot at this!

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A quick and exciting update: we’ve just released Genie Builder (beta), our free VSCode plugin that helps you build interactive web GUIs for your Genie/Julia apps without writing code. With Genie Builder, you can just drag & drop UI elements such as text, sliders, data tables, and plots to create data apps in minutes without worrying about the front-end code.

Click here to check it out.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started: :point_right:Genie Builder - Quick Start Tutorial - YouTube

Don’t miss our JuliaCon talk on July 29 for a more detailed tutorial.

If you find Genie Builder useful, you can join our Discord for support, feedback, and feature requests. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Thank you,



Game changer!


In VsCode, The genie builder server status changes to Stopped every time I am not in the Explorer Sidebar and move to another sidebar.

Wow, that’s very strange - can you please share more info about your setup (OS, VSCode version). Maybe can you capture a quick video of the UI doing this? Thank you!

Hi, thank you for making Julia even more fun to use. Please, let me ask a question about StipplePlotly Choropleth Maps. If I have custom geojson data, how to use it with
# const PLOT_TYPE_CHOROPLETHMAPBOX = “choroplethmapbox”

Keep up your great work Adrian (@essenciary) and sorry for eventually being in the wrong thread. Iuppiter Optimus Maximus.

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@risk for now we only have demo for CSV data with Choropleth: StippleDemos/CHOROPLETH.jl at master · GenieFramework/StippleDemos · GitHub

mapbox one is not supported yet. I tried fixing it but something is off with mapbox tokens: PlotLayoutGeo support by AbhimanyuAryan · Pull Request #39 · GenieFramework/StipplePlotly.jl · GitHub

I will open this is an issue and take another dig on to it. Infact support for mapbox is the only last option I want StipplePlotly struct based API to have

Can you use Mapbox tokens with PlotlyBase? If yes StipplePlotly also supports PlotlyBase API. You can use that instead


Thank you @AbhimanyuAryan ! :pray:t2:

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Quick update: you can now enjoy the new Stipple Reactive API as part of the GenieBuilder no-code experience. Download/update the plugin from within VSCode or at Genie Builder - Visual Studio Marketplace

:white_check_mark: Uses the new Genie Framework API by default, to cut the amount of code in half

:white_check_mark: Improved no-code editor: list and interact with the binding variables, improved look and feel, bug fixes, and more!

:white_check_mark: Built-in package manager for your apps, offering an easy to use UI for Julia’s Pkg

:white_check_mark: Greatly simplified app structure (2 files: one backend, one UI).

More details: Genie Builder v0.2: speed up your Julia app development


Hi everybody! Happy to announce a new milestone for GenieFramework! :mega:

The private beta of Genie Cloud, our no-code platform to quickly build and deploy Genie web apps, is now open for registration! :tada:

Check out the announcement thread here: Announcing Genie Cloud (Private Beta), the no-code platform to quickly build and deploy Genie apps

:white_check_mark: Visit the website to learn more and register for a free account at

:video_camera: Get the scoop with a quick demo video Genie Cloud Demo - YouTube


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