StatsPlots - trying to extend boxplot

I’m trying to extend boxplot to show all individual datapoints. However, I can’t seem to get Julia to use the local development files.

I’ve cloned StatsPlots locally, opened the folder in Juno, used ]activate . followed by ]build (though it says there’s nothing to build) and using StatsPlots, but when I generate a boxplot, it doesn’t reflect the changes I made in boxplot.jl.

What am I doing wrong?

You should just ] dev StatsPlots. Edit it in ~/.julia/dev and it should work.


Should be as easy as adding

@series begin
  seriestype := :scatter
  x, y


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Thanks! Now even though I’m using Revise.jl and put __precompile__(false) in the file, my changes don’t get used when saved. Ideas?

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