ArrayInterfaceStaticArraysCore vs ArrayInterfaceStaticArrays

I get a bunch of warnings that ArrayInterfaceStaticArrays overwrites methods from ArrayInterfaceStaticArraysCore, e.g.,

WARNING: Method definition adapt_storage(Type{var"#s4"} 
where var"#s4"<:(StaticArraysCore.SArray{S, T, N, L} where L where N where T), 
Array{T, N} where N where T) where {S} in module ArrayInterfaceStaticArraysCore 
at /home/user/.julia/packages/ArrayInterfaceStaticArraysCore/k5Oxe
/src/ArrayInterfaceStaticArraysCore.jl:22 overwritten in module ArrayInterfaceStaticArrays at 
  ** incremental compilation may be fatally broken for this module **

The usual

pkg> update
pkg> resolve
pkg> gc

Does not solve the issue.

I am on Julia 1.7.2.

Can you post the output of

pkg> st


I switched to Julia 1.8.0, so that’s not an issue for me any longer.