BSONqs.jl v0.5.0 - high speed fork of BSON.jl

In short this library is intended to make loading Julia structs/types from their BSON representation[1] very efficient. I already wrote a post about this package, detailing some of my reasoning and optimisations.

I have now also added a new interface that allows for partial lazy loading and should be completely type stable if you know the concrete type you want to deserialise in advance. Please see the links above for an explanation.

[1] As defined by the original BSON.jl which can serialise almost any Julia type


Thanks for posting this. I would like to ask these questions:

  1. Will you support this package / fork actively, or your plan is to leave it in the state it is, and maybe once per semester merge a PR?
  2. What about bugs of the original BSON, e.g. ? What if they get solved at the original repo, are you willing to also update your own fork with the fixes?

I am currently using it for the foreseeable future and will definitely fix problems which I have. If someone posts an issue I don’t have, I might fix it depending on the nature of the problem. PRs are welcome of course. If it is a case of just cherry picking from the original, then that is easy enough. I haven’t really touched the write side, so in most cases I can just merge those fixes. On the read side, the two libraries probably don’t share that many problems. I can’t guarantee that I will see PRs on the original though, so if no one complains I might miss it.


I guess the bug that you linked to is caused by the write side because it appears to be writing a plain BSON array not tagged with any julia type. I might rewrite that part at some point, but I have no idea when.