Startup without $HOME on AWS

Hi all, I’m trying to run Julia on Amazon Workspaces, where all users at our workshop can simply spin up Julia and VSCode on a virtual 8 core Windows 10 machine. However, every time I spin up a new workspace, the windows equivalent of the $HOME directory gets recreated per new user, and I have to reset VSCode preferences, remove the first default DEPOT_PATH on D: with a popfirst!(DEPOT_PATH) and point to the generic ones with pre-installed packages on C: (see below).


In fact, I have to re-install the Julia VSCode Extension every time, as D: gets deleted every time the workspace is shut down :frowning:

Is there a way to use Julia and VScode to not use the D: drive at all, and only use the pre-installed packages in C:\\software\\Julia-1.7.3\\local\\share\\julia", with the Julia extension pre-installed, with a default environment not pointing to D: ?


For anyone else with the same problem, use Portable mode in VSCode