Stack Overflow switched to system fonts

I’m mainly posting this (in Offtopic) to rant and commiserate.

On my machine (Chrome on a Mac laptop), Stack Overflow is mostly unreadable now. The text is too small, and if I zoom in the formatting gets all wonky. And the worst part is that the font within the code chunks is far too small and narrow. Only about half the column width gets used inside code chunks now.

Here’s an example of how it looks on my machine:

Look at all that empty space on the right half of the code block, because the font in the code block is so tiny…

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Set the default monospace font in your browser’s settings to something different, or to a different size.

I don’t think that works because the Stack Overflow CSS specifies specific fonts for each operating system, so the browser does not fall back to browser default fonts when rendering Stack Overflow sites.

Interestingly, the font size for code blocks looks much better on my external monitor than on my Mac laptop. My external monitor is 4K, but the DPI is still lower than the Mac retina screen, so that might have something to do with it… :man_shrugging:

You are right. I should have tried it first! No effect.

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It might work in Firefox, which has a setting for overriding site fonts, but Chrome does not. However, you can use a bookmarklet, which is what I usually use for site surgery. Something like“code”), function(e){ = “1.2em”})

enlarges code display on StackOverflow nicely. You can go further and substitute fonts of your choosing, etc.

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