SSL with MYSQL.jl

Hello everyone - I have been trying unsuccessfully to connect to a mysql db in a jupyter notebook with the following: ( using JuliaPro install )

# connecting to mysql
using MySQL, DBInterface, Tables, DataFrames
conn = DBInterface.connect(MySQL.Connection,
            "my db host", 
            db = "db_name",
            port=port number, 
            ssl_enforce == TRUE)

I am getting an access denied error message if i exclude the “ssl_enforce” parameter. But if I include it ( like above), I get error messages relating to how its defined. Using a regular database client , I am able to connect only when i set sslmode = require. I read the docs for mysql.jl and it seems to have a parameter in the connection string for ssl_enforce. But i cant find any example of how to apply that. Will appreciate some help with this.