Searching for updated database tutorial

It seems that Julia database tutorials that are on the web are outdated. Are there any simple examples of Julia and, say, MySQL.jl usage?

Hi Miko, if you are looking for first steps…

julia> using MySQL, DataFrames
julia> dbconn = DBInterface.connect(MySQL.Connection, "", "wiag", "secret pwd", db = "wiag2")

This opens a database connection on host (localhost) for user β€œwiag” identified with β€œsecret pwd” on database β€œwiag2”. Then you can use the connection for queries or any other SQL-statement:

julia> sql = "SELECT id, givenname, familyname FROM person LIMIT 12"
julia> df_p = DBInterface.execute(dbconn, sql) |> DataFrame;

julia> df_p
12Γ—3 DataFrame
 Row β”‚ id     givenname  familyname
     β”‚ Int32  String     String?
   1 β”‚    80  Ortlieb    Brandis
   2 β”‚    81  Jean       Bourgeois
   3 β”‚    82  Louis      Bourbon
   4 β”‚    83  Radbod     missing
   5 β”‚    84  Egilbert   missing
   6 β”‚    85  Adelbold   missing
   7 β”‚    86  Alfrid     missing
   8 β”‚    87  Hunger     missing
   9 β”‚    88  Liudger    missing
  10 β”‚    89  Eginhard   missing
  11 β”‚    90  Alberich   missing
  12 β”‚    91  Friedrich  missing

The result of the query is used here to create a DataFrame.
As an alternative you may want to iterate over the result set:

julia> qi = DBInterface.execute(dbconn, sql);
julia> for row in qi
       println(row[:id], " ", row[:givenname])
80 Ortlieb
81 Jean
82 Louis
83 Radbod
84 Egilbert
85 Adelbold
86 Alfrid
87 Hunger
88 Liudger
89 Eginhard
90 Alberich
91 Friedrich
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Thank you!