Sports Data in Julia

I was wondering if anyone knew of any packages similar to the ones offered by python and r sportsdataverse or stuff like nflfastr, fastf1… basically any packages that are focused on easy access to sports data? Right now I pretty much use python to get my data then Julia to do everything else but if it’s possible I would like to do everything in Julia I just haven’t seen anything. If nothing does exist is this something that people would be interesting in having? I’ve gotten a lot from the Julia community so I think a good way to give back would be trying to make tools that I use and I know a lot of other people I know use in different languages.

I don’t know of anything and neither does JuliaHub’s AI. You can use RCall or PythonCall to directly use those packages from Julia, but yeah if you have a bit of time writing your own in Julia would be a nice contribution!

Ya I spent a while going through juliahub and github I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I feel like the sports packages have been a big contributor to R’s growth. Right now my workflow is python to get the data just save to csv files then use Julia for exploitation, analysis, and visualization. Which works fine but I guess isn’t ideal. But I’ll start trying to get something together for gathering college football data since it’s time for me to start prepping for that anyways.