[Shout-out]: A shout-out for more shout-outs

Tired of reading about Julia not living up expectations? Then let’s create some more posts here about those times a person or package community exceeded your expectations! :rocket:

I noticed that the tag appreciation had just one post listed under it, and it was categorised as “Offtopic”!

I think shout-outs should never be off-topic. Let’s hear some more. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


I agree :grin: I guess I was having trouble finding a good category for this post at the time. I would love to see more appreciation posts for Julia!


Here is one shout-out: to the Julia community that has come together in this forum. I am very impressed how well everyone seems to interact here, and how helpful people are in general. It is a pleasure to be part of it.


This is a great community and I would like to add a special word of appreciation to @stevengj for tirelessly sharing his encyclopedic knowledge in scientific computing and his Julia coding art in a very educational way. A book by him would be very welcome.


Appreciation for @jipolanco who’s awesome BSPlineKit.jl I’ve found to be very useful for fast interpolations/extrapolations where Interpolations.jl didn’t support (non-uniform points beyond linear interpolation). He’s also been very nice in a couple of questions that I’ve asked.


Agreed! For me Julia has been incredibly stable in all the ways I care about. I use it in field work when things need to get done fast and reliably so. Julia to the rescue!

Still a grateful scientist!


That is true!!! Thanks Steven! :slight_smile:

I would like to queue up as well:
My special appriciation goes to the contributers of: PyCall and Conda!
This way I can mostly stay inside the Julia environment.