Sponsorship to develop Langague Server

In the Future of Coding podcast, Quinn Slack of SourceGraph mentions they will sponsor development of any Language Server. Although I am eternally grateful it exists at all, the Julia Language Server could use some love. And by “love”, I mean “funded development”.


It would be great if we could somehow tap into that! I think the main question is personnel… @ZacLN is really the main contributor for the LS, with myself a distant second.

At least my situation is such that funding is not the bottle neck, and even if there is a funding source, I wouldn’t be able to put more time into LS. Not sure what Zac’s situations is.

Another option might be that such a funding stream could lead to more involvement from Julia Computing and the julia core team? There really should be an aweful lot of synergy between a lot of the things that are happening in base and LS…