JuliaLang is now part of Github sponsors

Hello all,

JuliaLang is now officially part of Github Sponsors. We’ve already have a couple of folks sign up! Do spread the word.

For developer orgs,

You can enable the funding link on your projects with the following FUNDING.yml file. These funds will go to NumFocus for the general use of the Julia community assets and JuliaCon.

Note for individual orgs - If you do use JuliaLang for your donors, there won’t be a way for us to tell which org brought in the funds as they all get pooled. Thus, sign up your org or yourself directly if you can receive funds. If you would rather not go through the process, consider using the generic JuliaLang link to send funds to the Julia project (which you can always change at a future date).

A big thanks to Avik for setting all this up!



My piece of unsolicited feedback: you might change the $10 to not say ‘Every little bit helps’. To me, it strikes the wrong tone.

Out of date




We now have 23 people sponsoring JuliaLang! Thanks to all the sponsors, and do spread the word around. We

I am considering using the Github sponsors link on julialang.org as well.



So, the difference between sponsoring Julia directly via a NumFocus donation versus via Github is that in the former case I get a mention on https://numfocus.org/membership whereas in latter case I get I Github badge? For Julia itself it doesn’t matter, right?

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Right, yes.

Also billing is handled through GitHub which already has a lot of people’s payment information. Never underestimate the mental barrier of having to input your credit card information somewhere.