Solving German Tank Problem by Turing ,but

I would like to solve “German Tank Ploblem” by Turing.jl but it will not work when a model use DiscreteUniform.

ss = rand(DiscreteUniform(1,60),8)

@model function tank(ds)
   m ~ Uniform(2,2000)
   ds .~ Uniform(1,m)
chain = sample(tank(ss),NUTS(),3000)

this is work! and good !
but when i use “DiscreteUniform”, inference will success but result is not expected, like this.

@model function tank2(ds)
   m ~ DiscreteUniform(2,2000)
   ds .~ DiscreteUniform(1,m)
chain = sample(tank2(ss),PG(5),3000)

  parameters      2.5%      25.0%       50.0%       75.0%       97.5%
      Symbol   Float64    Float64     Float64     Float64     Float64
           x   92.9750   733.0000   1449.0000   2220.0000   2916.0250

this sampling is converged and rhat ≃ 1.0 but result will not truth. Where I missed and Why ? Please consult me about this.