Software engineer Fidelis Insurance London

We are hiring a back end software engineer in our London office. Work on our proprietary insurance / reinsurance pricing platform.

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Software Engineer – Job Description

The Software Engineer will be responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of innovative software and processes primarily in support of Fidelis’ actuarial function. The successful candidate will work directly with both the development and actuarial teams and must therefore be able to effectively communicate and work with both groups.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Development of Fidelis Insurance’s proprietary risk management platform, with a focus on the back-end calculation engine.
  • Implementation of insurance catastrophe risk models.
  • Designing and developing robust tools and reports.
  • Liaising with actuarial and risk teams to thoroughly understand user requirements, demonstrating a continual focus on long term effectiveness, simplicity of solutions, and appropriate controls.
  • Effective documentation in order to mitigate business risks including key man dependencies.

Minimum Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • University Degree in Software Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or a related field
  • Demonstrated ability to grasp complex mathematical concepts; numerical methods, linear algebra, statistics, algorithms
  • At least 2 years high performance computing / programming experience
  • Experience with Julia, SQL preferred
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, agile development team environment
  • Willing to work significant overtime especially during busy periods, including weekends and public holidays

Thanks for posting! You mention what you require and what you desire but not what you offer? That might be a valuable addition to the post.

We offer all the usual competitive salary, benefits, etc. An interesting and challenging job (if i say so myself). A chance to learn and gain insurance industry experience. Plus the opportunity to use julia in your day job!

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