Software Carpentry lessons with Julia

Software Carpentry is a project to teach basics of programming in the context of research computing. The target audience includes both students and researchers. The current curriculum includes the use of Unix shell, version control with Git, and some lessons with Python and R.

To be clear, these lessons aren’t meant to be in any way exhaustive and the programming language used during the lessons is more a mean through which to deliver to attendees good programming practices.

A few people are interested in preparing Software Carpentry lessons with Julia, and I’ve seen positive feedback about this initiative also from the organisation. @SaranjeetKaur started the official process to prepare “beta” lessons, which resulted in the creation of this incubator. A couple of years ago @BeastyBlacksmith organised a Software Carpentry-like workshop using Julia.

Today it was announced the opening of applications to the Carpentries Lesson Development Study Groups. Note that the deadline for the application is the end of Wednesday 13th January 2021 Anywhere on Earth and up to three developers of the same lesson will be able to join a group and participate in the program together, and at least one must be a certified Carpentries Instructor, so we need some kind of coordination for this application. I think it’d be great to have people from the Julia community involved in this, so that we can eventually have high-quality Julia lessons added to the official Software Carpentry curriculum. Please do let me know in this thread if you want to participate!


I’m probably less qualified to do Software carpentry than many here, is there a parallel track for Data Carpentry? I’ve been wanting to get involved with that organization for a while even if it meant using Python or R, it would be awesome to get in on the ground floor with Julia instead

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After re-reading the announcement I don’t think that’s limited to Software Carpentry. BTW, yesterday @vchuravy pointed out to me this Data Carpentry Julia lessons on ecology by @tpoisot.

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@giordano I attempted this at a time where Julia had a lot less traction, but this might be worth revisiting. I’m preparing a modeling class (biology) this winter using Julia, and I’ll upload some material of my own - but I’m also planning a data science for biology class this fall, and it’s also going to be Julia based, so it would be great to have an updated curriculum. If I can help, let me know (I think @mkborregaard might have inputs too)


(FYI my short term plan is to collect material aimed at non-programmers at, which is an eternal work in progress)

I just got confirmation that the study groups are for any of Software, Library, and Data Carpentries. So we can apply for different lessons

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Fantastic! I just applied for the instructor training - unclear if I can do that self-paced or if I need to wait for something, but I’ll try to get it done as soon as I can


Hi Mosè. I am a certified Carpentries Instructor and use Julia everyday in my work too. Please count me in to participate in this.

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I teach a data analysis / viz course in R ( but do most of my research in Julia these days and would love to help too with lessons for either the Software or Data Carpentries.

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