Introduction to Julia for Data Science Short course @ MIT

For anyone interested, there is a 4-day “Introduction to Julia for Data Science” short course organized at MIT on Jan 17-20, 2023. You can find a PDF with the schedule here.

The course instructors are be both from academia and industry, so you can expect rigorous yet practical content.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

Also, since my team and I will be at MIT for one week I will be happy to meet with anyone interested in the Julia language :smile:. If someone has time for chatting please give me a ping!



Is there any chance that this will be recorded?


We will try to record and live-stream it, but we cannot be sure what is possible until we get at MIT. If it will be possible to stream it I will post about it before the workshop.

CC @pszufe


There were several requests for on-line access to the course. If someone would like to register for this please use the following form Then you will be invited via MS Teams to participate.


NB: there is a big typo: each day of the classes (June 17-20th)

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For anyone interested on GitHub - pszufe/MIT_18.S097_Introduction-to-Julia-for-Data-Science: MIT_18.S097 you can find YouTube videos of all courses that we have taught. They cover eight topics:

  1. first steps with Julia.
  2. Working with tabular data.
  3. Basic predictive models (GLM.jl)
  4. Advanced predictive models (MLJ.jl, @ablaom - we have started teaching MLJ.jl finally :smile:)
  5. Optimization with JuMP.jl
  6. Analyzing graph data with Graphs.jl
  7. Deployment of Julia in production
  8. Introduction to parallel computing using Julia

I hope it will be useful.