So I think I've learned the basics of Julia, where do I learn some more advanced content? (specifcally image feature extraction)

I am learning to use Julia for my new research (MRI image feature extraction and classification). The language I am most comfortable with is MATLAB but I also have some basic understanding of python. What I don’t yet have experience in is Machine Learning or Julia, so will need to brush up on both of these topics.

For ML I am tentatively using the datacamp courses (Machine learning scientist track). These are in python however, and I have struggled to find appropriate courses for Julia (there are several courses listed on the main page but I’m not sure which ones cover the skills I will need to learn to get started extracting features from MR images).

Are there any helpful resources that the community could point me to such that I can get started extracting some features from images? I have been a bit lost with regard to what I should learn (and where to go to learn it) to get started with this. I think I have a good grasp of the fundamentals of programming in Julia at this point but only for general scientific computing, I don’t yet have any experience deploying Julia for ML. If someone could point me to a course that will give me the skills needed to (at least) start extracting useful features from images, that would be a huge help.

Thank you!

Checkout Julia academy

Also the book
Hands on Computer Vision with Julia. But I think that book is pre-1.0

Wow! This is an amazing resource, thanks!

In case you want to go even deeper (pun intended :slight_smile: ), we’re doing an online course at the University of Michigan. See

Just FYI - we do Julia from start to finish wth PyTorch/Keras sprinkled in so you can become bilingual and also appreciate all that Julia does really well.

Either way, hope you are enjoying learning ML – it’s a great time for that with so many excellent resources out there.