Snap Package for Linux distribution

It might be the case the tools in the jlenv help?

The tools there are aimed at building, installing and managing the usage of several versions of Julia on the one system.

These build on the code, hence the experience, of rbenv and pyenv tools.

The chef cookbook is for slower moving targets where there are audibility requirements around Julia’s installation and usage.

Hope that helps?

If somebody is still interested in snap for more recent julia version, I’ve created a snap for current stable 1.3.1. It is named julia-mrcinv and is built from this snapcraft config. The name of the executable is julia-mrcinv but it can be linked to julia by putting snap run julia-mrcinv into a script or using alias.

I do that too, but on my previous laptop that was not feasible due to hard drive limitations imposed by my employer. Also students often find themselves in a situation in which ther computer environment is constrained in various ways, making compilation and certain ways of installing software difficult.

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