Snap breaks Julia on Ubuntu

Running julia via snap on Ubuntu 22.04. My user’s files are an nfs mount. After adding the directories to apparmor home.d, we are able to run Julia in the user’s home directory. But not in any subdirectories.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Is there a reason that you want to use the Snap (the latest julia Snap is 5 years old)? For almost everyone, the best way to install Julia is with juliaup Download Julia

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actually has 1.10, no longer is outdated. I think it only installs Julia for you, preferably should juliaup.

I’m not saying you should use the snap, if in doubt don’t, and download the official juliup, thus julia. Just that it’s unclear why it doesn’t work (and it probably should). I know at some point when I tried I got a 32-bit on 64-bit system. That was a problem, broke PyCall if I recall, in a non-obvious way. Snaps are meant to be sandboxed, may not be good for languages, as a default. Do e.g. Python users use it? I mean they don’t since preinstalled, usually, with APT etc.

AppBundler.jl makes snaps on Linux, so I’m not saying snaps should always be avoided. Sometimes, for apps, you want confinement (which I believe is the default for snaps), so for apps made with Julia, as opposed to Julia then it very likely may be wanted. [Note, that’s not the same snap.] You can run snaps with out that, and could try that for the default official Julia snap. When I say official, I mean official (Ubuntu) snap, not in any way official from the Julia team, or promoted.

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Okay, I was not aware of that. In that case my comment about it being 5 years old is not true and it is understandable if some people choose the Snap over Juliaup.

I tried installing the Snap (I also use Ubuntu 22.04) and had no problems running it from subdirectories including reading and writing to them, but my entire system just runs on a local SSD.