ubuntu deployment of up to date version

I need to automate deployment of julia for 800 hosts for a University.
On latest Ubuntu LTS, when I apt install julia it tells me to snap install julia.

On snapcraft, julia package seems to be official but it is in a 2019 version : 1.0.4

That’s strange because the package is marked as official, so why isn’t it up to date ?
From the website : Current stable release: v1.8.0 (August 17, 2022)

Distribution specific installations are not maintained by julia developers - I’m curious how that account got a “verified” state in the first place.

The only supported binaries are provided on Download Julia.

Ok, but those are static installations.

On previous Ubuntu LTS, there was julia package in main repo.

I’ll wait for the jammy version.

That too is not maintained by the julia developers (I believe that particular one is/was maintained by the debian community(?), which recently got removed for being unmaintained). Distributions repackaging julia with custom libraries quite often run into usage problems due to distributions not shipping the patched dependencies julia itself ships with.

The only official venue for binaries is either the linked download page or the releases on github.


The Linux and Mac versions [OF JULIAUP !!] are prerelease versions that should not be used in production environments.

I think you should give

a try.
It would certainly be great to have your feedback on how it is working to overcome the prerelease status of juliaup for linux. I ping @davidanthoff for his attention.


The julia version in the Snap Store has been updated to latest LTS as of today

I see you’re behind the change, so first, thanks, so I do not sound ungrateful:

LTS is a step up (still the wrong Julia version for most users), but at least the old snap was a trap, gave you 32-bit Julia on 64-bit OS, leading to cryptic error with PyCall:

I second @eoli3n should try juliaup, because, so far it just works for me on Linux. I used to run Ubuntu, just upgraded to Linux Mint today, and it seems to work there to (predictably, since Mint isn’t tooo different).

I would want the Julia snap to change to rather install juliaup, which actually gets you julia the release version. That’s probably the best option rather than giving up on snap.

I know Mint has misgiving with snap, I forget their tech argument against using/promoting snap (wasn’t about Julia), in favor of flatpak.

FYI: I thought you could still choose either:

$ snap
Command 'snap' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo apt install snapd

$ sudo apt install snapd
Package snapd is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package 'snapd' has no installation candidate