SMTPClient response status


How can I get resp status , in this funtion, to know if the email has been sending correctly?

Are there any options to build similar function?

Thank you !!!

Julia version 1.8.5

using SMTPClient

function EnviarEMail2(user, password, recipients, subject, body)

opt = SendOptions( isSSL = true,  username = user,  passwd = password)

#  Provide the message body as RFC5322 within an IO

body = IOBuffer(
        "Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 21:44:29 +0100\r\n" *
        "From: You <>\r\n" *
        "To:\r\n" *
        "Subject: " * subject *"\r\n" *
        #"\r\n" *
        body * "\r\n")
url = "smtps://"
rcpt = [recipients]
from = user
resp = send(url, rcpt, from, body, opt)


I found it…

Its response.code.

Thank you anyway !!!

How can I close or mark as solved this?