Slider Positioning in Interact.jl


I am using Interact.jl to modify an image which is then displayed using Plots.jl. Multiple slider bars are required to do the manipulation. My question is, is there a way to arrange the slider bars in a jupyter cell to avoid taking up so much vertical space? For example, arrange them in a 5x2 grid so that all the sliders and the output image can be seen in the same field of view.


try adding this code to your notebook:

display("text/html", "<style>.cell .widget-area .widget-subarea { flex-direction: row; flex-wrap: wrap; }</style>")


Thanks @djsegal


I just upgraded to v0.6.1 and this solution no longer seems to work. Thoughts?


just had the same kind of problem and found:

s1 = slider(1:1:10, value = 3, label = “Slider 1”)
s2 = slider(1:10:100, value = 60, label = “Slider 2”)

vbox should work accordingly (but doesn’t) :wink:
instead better do something like