Simulink-like block diagram editor for Julia?

Is there any effort to build a block diagram editor for Julia to use with systems like ModelingToolkit.jl and Causal.jl?

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I can not answer you question, but you link to Causal.jl is broken for me.

Fixed the link to Causal.jl, I hope, thank you.

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The Modia folks started a GUI: [Feature request] GUI · Issue #95 · ModiaSim/Modia.jl · GitHub.

See also some interesting hints from Chris in this interview: Simulations are about to get way, way faster with JuliaSim.

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@tshort your first link is a feature request from 2019 and it seems still unresolved…
Your second link about JuliaSim is also outdated ;-). JuliaSim is already out but it is not clear to me whether a) it has a GUI and b) it will be available to non-paying entities.

The GUI part is still under development, it will require a license but we will work with academics and students to provide it at a reduced cost.