Simulation Hackathon Problems

I am organizing a 3 day hackathon that focuses on Simulations and nummerical modelling at ETH Zurich.
We are still looking for cool and interresting problems, does anyone have an idea?

I have a billion :sweat_smile:. What level is the audience?

The audience would be mostly Computational Science and Engineering, Physics and Mathematics Students, mostely bachelors. We also expect 4 PhD students to come. You can expect some knowledge of nummerics and mathematics. There will be around 40 to 60 Students in teams of 5 people.
We are trying to get a sponsorship from microsoft and through them will have access to A100 GPUs and some CPUs. I am not sure though if the Students are familiar with programming using CUDA or cuda api, but if its relevant we could think about doing a workshop. Otherwise there are propably some libraries that can help with that.

Looking for open source and methods projects or more modeling projects?

Its more about modeling something that seems exiting or relevant so that the students can maybe try out different methods themselves. But the goal is that they publish their code under some open source license (eg. MIT) so that the results from the hackathon can be used afterwards.
However implementing some method or writing a package for some specific application would also be interresting, because it has a greater benefit.

I was looking at use cases for a lib Iā€™m writing and thought signal jamming was a good and easy example. Maybe a good candidate for you:

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