Hackathon - non-coding 'hacks'

I went to a great conference a couple of years ago (.Astronomy) and one of the best things about their hack day is that non-coding projects are encouraged. Writing or even art/craft projects can be a lot of fun after a tiring week of talks, and the goal need not be anything more than “make something memorable”. It also encourages involvement from those who get nervous about hackathons because they feel like they’re not experienced enough.

Now a programming language conference targets a slight different crowd—but is this something that people would be interested in for JuliaCon?

For those attending without much Julia experience but who want to contribute, there are plenty of ways you could get involved: writing a guide to really good tutorials for other languages and what’s so effective about them; designing logos for Julia projects or organisations; talking to non-speakers at the conference and putting together a blog post about what they’ve been using Julia for. Any other ideas?


Write-a [JOSS/JOSR/field-specific software publication track]-paper-a-thon?


I like the idea of encouraging people to do non-coding projects that give back to and create more visibility for the community – especially putting together blog posts or somehow contributing to tutorials. :slight_smile: