Simple web app

I want to build a simple web app that allows the user to control a few variables (maybe from a slider?) updating a graph from a web browser.

Escher is ideal but not an option for Julia v0.5 (see issue 199). Do you guys know of any other simple way I can do this? Maybe something in Python? I’m looking for something really bare-bones and easy, something similar to Escher that hides all the ugliness.

Thanks in advance!

@ChrisRackauckas had these experiences with doing that: Building a Web App in Julia: DifferentialEquations.jl Online - Stochastic Lifestyle

I had a similar question before.

This resulted in the following:

A blog post explaining it is found at the link @mkborregaard posted, along with links to the repositories for the code.

This is great! Thanks a lot. I’ll admit that it’s a bit daunting right now, but I’ll check it out thoroughly. Thanks again!

That was very cool, but completely over my head. Even though Escher.jl is not scalable, buggy, and stuck, its lure is that it’s really simple to use and therefore the only real option I have right now…

Maybe there is some finished template I can use in Python and then embed my Julia code into that? Or just work with Escher.jl in Julia v0.4? Or maybe there is no way around it and I’ll have to learn a whole lot more about building and hosting dynamic websites…

Appreciate any input you may have. For what it’s worth, I could imagine there would be a whole lot of equally incapable people out there that would appreciate some ultra simple way of publishing their Julia models in a similarly simple way:

a couple of sliders or textual input → figure & text

For more context what they say in dash makes a lot of sense.

Thanks in advance!

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