Plots.jl but for GUI

Plots.jl is awesome because it made plotting simpler while retaining most of the ability to configure stuff. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a similar meta-package that does what Plots.jl does for plotting, but for GUIs?
Pinging @tbreloff on this one…


I’d love to be able to draw curves with a mouse. As far as I can tell, I’d have to do everything from scratch with the current packages.

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Immerse draws line on top of the figure with the lasso selection, it doesn’t look too compicated.

there is a simple drawing example in glvisualize:

I think we just need a high-level API on top of Qt to be able to design simple GUIs quickly.

However, I am more interested in having a powerful package for creating web apps. This is the future in my opinion. You develop your Julia packages for solving problems in your field, wrap them on a nice web interface, and deliver a robust product that runs on the cloud (in parallel on multiple nodes) without the need for installation at all. Many businesses would come out of this approach with Julia frameworks that already exist.


I can’t agree more. I’ve been pushing for something like that for a while:

I think a good Plots.jl-like package would be able to handle both QT and web-app just as different backends.



Reminds me of an ooold project of mine (though certainly not mine alone):

The exact same goals, but for Python. Quite primitive, but I guess it demonstrates some level of feasibility. Not the same as saying this is a useful path to follow, of course.

Edit: No obvious dates on the website, but the last release is from 2002, it seems.

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