Simple Vulkan tutorial? Ideally integrated with CImGUI.jl

Is anyone aware of an existing tutorial that combines Vulkan.jl and ideally CImGUI.jl? If not, I might bite the bullet during the Christmas vacations and try to do it myself, and if so, keep posting to this discussion (in the style of Ray Tracing in a week-end - Julia vs SIMD-optimized C++ - #58 by claforte)… but I would much rather skip the basics if someone else has already done the hard work to get it done… especially since I never programmed in Vulkan (although I have years of experience with OpenGL and DirectX).

My wish list would include:

  1. A spinning, textured, shaded (ideally with a newly compiled shader) object, e.g. 1 triangle
  2. Wrapped in a CImGUI.jl-driven window, with a button to start/stop the spinning

It would be even more awesome if someone can point me to a simple library to load 3D assets (e.g. glfw) and/or has already figured out how to get Vulkan raytracing to work using Vulkan.jl!

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The default backend is based on ModernGL and GLFW which are stable and under actively maintained.

Backend - Gnimuc/CImGui.jl

I guess we need to port a vulkan backend for CImGUI.jl first before we can get them to work together.