Simple Graphics Library

I would like to try do some windowed appications, and i would like a very simple graphics library. Idealy, it would just take an array as an image, and give me events, and everything else i would handle myself.
I stumbled upon MiniFB.jl which is basicly what i would want, but Iam getting some error with that. (MiniFB Error (SetProcessDpiAwernessContext): Access was denied)
Do you know any other similar library?

Something like GLWF.jl may be what you’re looking for - handles creation of OpenGL windows.

See for example GLMakie (plotting) and CImGui (UI, wrapping ImGui library) for a couple real uses of it.

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ok, graphics drivers dont support opengl, but that’s a problem of my old computer. That might have been the problem with miniFB too, otherwise i would like this library, i should get a new computer probably.
thank you

Take a look here: Genie framework, although it may do more than you’re looking for.