One week until JuliaCon 2023!

Here we are on the last week leading up to JuliaCon 2023! Co-located with JuMP-dev, SciMLCon, and Professor Alan Edelman’s 60th Birthday Celebration (ASE60) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Ray and Maria Stata Center. Focused on the Julia Language the conference starts on July 25th with a day of workshops and online talks. Food will be provided both by the conference during breaks and by food trucks close by. Care was given to selection to make sure there is a variety to choose from to meet different dietary requirements. There will be social events such as parties, meetups, and guided tours before and during the conference.

Visit JuliaCon 2023 for the conference’s main page
Check out JuMP-dev 2023 | JuMP to discover more about JuMP-dev
Find out more about ASE60 at Alan Edelman's 60th Birthday Conference
Sign up for social events at JuliaCon 2023 Boston - Registration of interest for Social events

To find talks and events related to certain topics such as the SciML and JuMP-Dev mini-conferences or all things related to quantum mechanics or computing visit the schedule site where you can find a selection of filters.

The full conference takes off on Wednesday the 26th with opening ceremonies at 8:30 Eastern. (EST: UTC−05:00) followed by keynotes and talks over three days until the 28th and an informal hackathon on the 29th.

Keynote Speeches
We want to thank our keynotes Dr. Chris Rackauckas, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, and Dr. Tim Davis for joining the conference this year! Along with our invited speakers, Tim Holy will provide the State of Julia on Friday 28th.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible.



PumasAI, Inc. QuEra Computing Inc. RelationalAI

Bronze Beacon Biosignals MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) Boeing

Academic partner

Fiscal and management sponsor

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See the JuliaCon 2023 Forum Category for new information as it develops:

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