Showing the progress of a calculation


I’m just a python programmer forced to implement some julia stuff into my project. Meanwhile almost all things are working and julia is fine. There is just one thing I can’t figure out:

How can I grep the progress of a julia calculation?

So what I’m using in python is a pattern like this:

  • define a Queue
  • starting a thread which pops this queue
  • putting some information into this queue while caculation some stuff.

And now I have to implement some julia stuff with pyjulia. As said, it works, but I want to get the progress of the calculation. Starting something with threads in python is not a good way, because pyjulia is not threadsafe.

Dear community, has anyone an idea which way I have to think? To google “pyjulia show progress” gives me much information about the progress of the pyjulia project, but nothing related to my problem.


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Not sure how it behaves with pyjulia but there is GitHub - timholy/ProgressMeter.jl: Progress meter for long-running computations


Have you try ProgressMeter package ?


well, Progressmeter looks very cool, but how can I get the information from julia(terminal) to python. It’s a django project, so I don’t need output to the terminal. I need output to some data structure like a queue.