Should someone create a wikipedia page for Jeff?



I mean it’s not my circus, but it seems kind of weird that Jeff’s name doesn’t show up when you google Julia?


I think rather than “Wiki” you mean “Wikipedia”.

He had a page before Stefan and Viral, but some Wikipedia editor didn’t think he was worthy and his page was deleted.. It’s certainly possible for a Wikpedia editor to put a copy of the last version of Jeff’s last page in ‘user-space’ where it will not be deleted and keep it up-to-date there. The idea would be to use this user-space page as a place to collect articles that emphasize his notability so that when his page is re-created, we can have a nice long list of articles to support him.


I quickly read the reasoning to remove. Basically wikipedia’s editor needs references. How about github’s git history? Would it be possible to show this not so technical editor how he and everyone can go and check git history? (I don’t know the answer how to do it, just contributing an idea to build forward.)


I am drafting a page which should satisfy the editors.


References in the Wikipedia context means mostly third-party reliable sources, i.e. publications in well-established media sources, by authors not directly related to the subject. The git history is a primary, self-published source, so its usefulness would be complementary at best; it can’t be used by itself to establish notability.

Notability is roughly equivalent to newsworthiness, and therefore one of the primary criteria used for its assessment is whether a topic has had significant coverage in news and other publications (magazine articles, books, tv programs, and other media with widespread audiences).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


The discussion about deletion was quite recent (February). With Julia 1.0 there has been a material change not really reflected in that discussion, but I would just wait maybe half a year or more before attempting to reopen it (think of asking to reopen an issue which was settled without consensus and the reaction this will receive.)


I would perhaps wait for Jeff’s reaction about this. I don’t know him personally, but I would not take it as a given that he wants his own wikipedia page. IMO having one does not correlate with achievement or professional recognition; many people I respect deeply who are well-known in their field don’t have a page, and at the same time ephemeral celebrities and transient cultural phenomena are described at length.

Having his name redirect to the Julia language, as it works now, displays something great that he had a crucial role in creating.


FYI, I am not advocating to recreate the article, just giving advice on the timing. But Viral was vocally supporting to keep the article, I presume that this is an indication that an article would be welcome. But you are right, is a general point.


Jeff has final edit (including right of refusal). I have sent him a private message.

I am not going to try to resubmit the same page. That version did not work out.