Should Juliaup 1.7.26 become « release »?

I am currently waiting for using Julia 1.8.3 through Juliaup. I see in the Juliaup GitHub website that it is incorporated in the Juliaup version 1.7.26 . But this version is « pre-release », not « release », so not identified as latest released, so « Julia self update » does not update …

Should then thisˋpre-release ˋ status be changed to ˋrelease ˋ ?


@davidanthoff @ianshmean ^

I haven’t tried other platforms. But under Windows, has 1.8.3.

Yes, but this is an initial installation, not an update of existing installation

I see new release 1.7.27 has appeared, is « release » and « latest ». So works! :slight_smile: Many thanks to you @dilumaluthge and specially to @davidanthoff !