Sharing some great news - Julia Computing announces seed funding

Hi everyone,

I want to share some exciting news with all of you. Julia Computing successfully raised its first round of seed funding. This helps us double our commitment to open source, and also enables us to build some amazing products based on Julia for our commercial users.

Our investors - General Catalyst and Founder Collective share our vision of building companies around open source and giving back to the community. We are really glad to add them to the wonderful list of people and organizations supporting Julia in the quest to solve the two language problem.



That is fantastic news, well done and congratulations!

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This is great news. The language and ecosystem is unquestionably ready to leverage support at this level, and it’s fantastic that folks with deep pockets agree. Here’s to hoping their investment repays tenfold for their specific goals and in dividends to the community.


The investors have definitely made a smart “bet” on Julia!
Congratulations to all involved in making this happen!

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Excellent news! Congratulations!

Thought I’d quickly share that there’s also discussion of the funding going on over at Hacker News. Given the typical (of late) cynical and pessimistic mood on HN, the comments are surprisingly rather favorable and encouraging.

NEWS: July 19, 2021

Julia Computing Raises $24M Series A, Former Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia Joins Board