Julia and Its Entities blog post

Occasionally it seems that people are confused about Julia and some of the various groups that surround it, so I’ve written a blog post explaining and clarifying what some of these are:


Hopefully it helps answer questions people might have about the subject. If you’ve got questions or comments about this post, you can ask/post here.


Thanks, this is great!

How does Julia Computing fund itself and pay its employees? Is it mainly through donations or the via consulting services? You don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

Nothing secretive about this answer. We have spoken about this in bits and pieces online on our blog and our website.

Julia Computing offers consulting services and training commercially. We also respond to RFPs for government contracts and competitive research grants. In addition, we have received funds from foundations - Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Going forward, we are focussing on a scalable product oriented business with JuliaTeam and JuliaRun, so that it is easy for companies to adopt Julia. A strong business will help make the Julia ecosystem stronger.



This blog by @StefanKarpinski is a better articulation of the business model:




This is great — I think there’s an analogous need among many users to explain the various package clusters (JuliaData, JuliaPlots, JuMP, etc.). Any chance of an analogous blog post on those?

Might want to add JuliaCon?

It’s a blog post so it won’t be edited after the fact. JuliaCon is mentioned in there, but it’s not really an organization or an entity. Also I was tired of writing; this already took a couple of weeks to get into publishable shape.


I am really exited and looking forward to see how JuliaTeam helps the ecosystem improve in various aspects. Are there plans to pursue metadata in the Project.toml for helping with discovery and other issues (e.g., license, maintainer, tags)?

Funny you should mention that :smile:


In the JuliaTeam blog post you mention “Search [in progress]”. Is this mainly for package discovery, or also in the docs itself (slow & bad now)? I just started a little project to add Algolia (server) based search to Documenter documentation, of which I have the bits in place but they still need to come together (step 1 is here: https://github.com/JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl/pull/966). Would be good if this ties in with your vision with JuliaTeam.

It will be both docs and code. There will be a public instance of this running at https://docs.julialang.org or something like that.