Setting up Vim autocompletion: issues with getting Neovim compatibility layer working

I’ve spent the past hour trying to get Vim to offer autocompletions for Julia code. Here is my vimrc so far: I’ve tried following, although it quickly became apparent it was really only written for Neovim, as on Vim the editor complained that neovim_rpc command was not found. So, to remedy that I added the roxma/vim-hug-neovim-rpc plugin, again with Plug and after tinkering with its Python settings I manage to get :python3 import neovim to finally run successfully, but now when I start Vim I briefly see this error:

(which, in case you cannot see it, is:

Error detected while processing function neovim_rpc#_on_stderr[4]..<SNR>109_on_core_channel_error:
line	1:
Traceback (most recent call last):^@  File "/home/fusion809/.vim/plugged/nvim-completion-manager/pythonx/, line 10, in <module>^@	from cm import getLogger, start_and_run_channel^@  File "/data/.vim/plugged/nvim-completion-manager/pythonx/, line151^@'cm#complete', name, ctx, startcol, matches, refresh, async=True)^@

). I’ve searched the issues of the nvim-completion-manager and vim-huge-neovim-rpc repos for a match and found none and I’m wondering whether this is my own set up that is at fault (my OS is Arch Linux, if relevant) or whether this is a bug and where, if this is a bug, I should report it. I also know that now nvim-completion-manager is now deprecated and I’m just getting more and more confused. I decided to alter my vimrc to and with it things seemed a little better, as now I receive no errors and I see:

It does not offer and completion suggestions after I type the . after Pkg (with suggestions I was expecting being add, clone, rm, etc.) and I must admit I’m not sure what I’m meant to do with the completion I’m given, like how I’m meant to tell Vim to use the selected completion.

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Hi there, vim user here as well (not neovim). I opened up an issue a while back related to this

This is what I have in my .vimrc for this using supertab completion manager,

However, I currently have it commented out and didn’t experiment with it much.