Neovim and LanguageServer

Hi guys!

Today I discover that we have a LanguageServer.jl package. However, I tried to install it with Neovim and all that I got was a Timeout message… Nothing worked, even the autocomplete. Can anyone help me?

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I am experiencing similar problems in Emacs, you may find the discussion at


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In fact, using master from all those packages removed the timeout error. But I can’t user any features. For example, symbol renaming does not work, auto-completion just freezes for like 10s and then nothing is shown.

EDIT: Executing manually, I never see the "StaticLint store set" message.

There is the ALE/julia plugin for vim/neovim that implements autocomplete, error checks etc. But it’s need to patch the plugin after recent LanguageServer.jl updates. Please see details here: