Neovim and Julia - setup advice?


Anyone here use neovim? I used to have a working setup, but I switched to VS Code for a long time (I needed to use Windows, and it was just easier). When I tried to go back to neovim (still on Windows), I find that neoterm has changed a ton, and my config no longer works… and I can’t for the life of me seem to get it running again.

Anyone willing to share their dotfiles/config?


I use SpaceVim, the setup is automatic. It uses LanguageSever.jl, but this package is not working currently.


You can get a sorta-kinda working Language Server install on neovim by

  1. putting this Project.toml and this Manifest.toml into a folder, e.g. ~/.julia/environments/ls
  2. activating that via
$ cd ~
$ julia
pkg> activate .julia/environments/ls
pkg> instantiate
  1. add the contents of this excerpt of my init.vim to yours, call :PlugInstall (and make sure you have the python nvim module installed before so deoplete works fine) – also don’t forget to adjust all paths in there as well as the call to start Julia (j1 in my case)
  2. open a Julia file and see linter warnings etc pop up (first start will take ages since the LS will index all of your Julia packages). Autocompletions are currently broken though, I think.


Thanks for the links, everyone. The init.vim excerpt especially was helpful - got me sorted on the newer neoterm config syntax quickly.

I still had an issue getting things running, but it turned out I was running into this issue. In case anyone runs into similar problems, neovim/neoterm works well enough on Windows once I added the right g:neoterm_eof flag.