Setting the value of an input

Ok, this seems like a really simple question but I’m stuck.

How do I set the value of PlutoUI select input programmatically, based on the value of another select input

So for example, I have inputs:

Rots = ["WC","WFWC","WWC","WWO","WFWO","WWB"]

rot1 = @bind Rot1 Select(Rots)
rot2 = @bind Rot2 Select(Rots)	
rot3 = @bind Rot3 Select(Rots)
rot4 = @bind Rot4 Select(Rots)
rot5 = @bind Rot5 Select(Rots)
rot6 = @bind Rot6 Select(Rots)
rotall= @bind Rotall Select(vcat(Rots,"-"), default="-")
	Rot 1: $(rot1)
	Rot 2: $(rot2)
	Rot 3: $(rot3)
	Rot 4: $(rot4)
	Rot 5: $(rot5)
	Rot 6: $(rot6)
	Set All: $(rotall)"""

Now I just want to set the values of Rot1 - Rot6 to be equal to Rotall when Rotall is not “-”.

I would have thought something like the below would work…

if Rotall != "-"
rot1 = Rotall
rot2 = Rotall
rot3 = Rotall
rot4 = Rotall
rot5 = Rotall
rot6 = Rotall


However this gives me a multiple definitions for rot1 error…

Is there a “set value” function for these input elements?