PlutoUI's Select type has the order of the pairs wrong

The Select type allows the user to create down-down menus with the @bind macro. Awesome feature.
The current behaviour is

The docs for Select look like this:

So in the language of the docs, "1" is the key, and "one" is the value. key=>value is consistent with Dict, and feels right. But it feels to me as the entry visible in the drop-down is the key, used to index to the right value. The key has a name that makes sense, but the value is what you are really interested in. But currently, the opposite is the case.

Additionally, keys are of type string, but values are of type any. I want variables to have any type, but drop-down entries to have type String. The other way around, which is currently the case, makes no sense:

Could I be right in saying that the first value, the key of type String, should be shown in the drop-down? And that the second value, the value of type Any, should be bound to the variable? It makes more sense, and is a lot more powerful.

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I copied this post into an issue at the PlutoUI repo: