Set up Continuous Integration on GitHub for package using PyCall.jl

Hi, I’m trying to setup CI for a package of mine using PyCall.jl. I’m using several Python libraries, some installed with pip and others using miniconda. This means that in order to manage this I’m using a conda environment which I’m specifying in PyCall.jl like this:

conda activate oggm_env # replace `oggm_env` with whatever conda environment where you have installed OGGM and the MBSandbox 

julia # start Julia session 
julia> global ENV["PYTHON"] = read(`which python`, String)[1:end-1] # trim backspace 
julia> import Pkg;"PyCall") 
julia> exit() # Now you can run your code using ODINN in a new Julia session; e.g.: using ODINN

Is there a way to somehow use this conda environment in CI? Like uploading the yaml file on the repo and specifying it in the CI file? So far it doesn’t work, since it doesn’t find the Python packages using the default PyCall miniconda.

PS: I know about PythonCall.jl, but still I have all my package working with PyCall.jl and I’d still like to try to make CI work with it.

Thanks in advance!